We all love a cuddly canine, but sadly, not every dog is our best friend. In drastic circumstances, an untrained or threatened dog can be dangerous, causing serious injuries or even death for an unsuspecting victim. 

If you’ve been bitten by a dog and have been severely injured as a result, we can get you the financial and medical attention needed.

dog bite

While swimming is a perfectly enjoyable way to beat the California heat, it should be understood that wherever there is water, there is a chance of drowning. Tragically, many drowning deaths are entirely preventable and are often at the hands of someone’s negligence,

If a loved one has been the victim of a drowning incident, we can bring justice to your personal injury claim, holding wrongful parties accountable and obtaining compensation you need. 


When a loved one is the victim of a wrongful death at the hands of third-party negligence, it can cause immeasurable pain and suffering. And if your loved one was the primary breadwinner of the household, you may suddenly find yourself without the financial support you depend on. 

While there is no replacing a loss of this significance, we will do everything in our power to get you the justice you and your loved one deserve.

Wrongful death 

While it is the responsibility of a business to ensure their property is safe for all, unfortunately, many establishments can be negligent when it comes to safety measure compliance. 

Have you recently had a slip and fall accident as a result of negligence? If so, you may be entitled to receive medical and financial compensation – and we can help!

Slip and fall 

There’s nothing like cruising down PCH at sunset or skirting through L.A. rush hour traffic on your hog, but sadly, motorcyclists are notoriously at a higher risk of sustaining serious injuries than their car-driving counterparts. 
If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, we can help you get the financial restitution you need to get your life back on track.

Not all drivers share the road, and no matter how diligent or experienced a cyclist a may be, an accident at the hands of another motorist can be life-shattering. 

If you’ve sustained serious injuries or lost a loved one from a bicycle accident, we can help you receive the medical care and compensation you deserve.

There is a car accident every 60 seconds in the U.S., and California reported over 3,500 motor-vehicle deaths in 2019 alone.

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another driver in a car accident, you’re entitled to receive compensation from the at-fault party and/or their insurance company. 

Motorcycle accidents

Bicycle accidents 

Auto Accidents

We're ready to help

When your life has been uprooted by an accident, you need someone who will treat your case with the utmost respect and resolve. If you’ve been injured on the road, at work, or from no fault of your own, we’re here to fight for you! Explore our list of legal services below to see how we can help with your personal injury claim today:

Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis -- there are no hourly fees. Your attorney is paid a percentage of the final settlement or award, which is typically one-third of the total compensation received. Doctors and any medical costs incurred are paid from the settlement money received and you are entitled to the remaining amount. If there are costs involved, they are also deducted at the end once the case concludes. We fight hard to win, so you are satisfied with the amount of damages received. Your return to good health is our first priority, while receiving the maximum just and fair compensation is a close second.

What's the fee structure?

The time varies based on the case. The seriousness of the injury and length of time to treat and heal are determined when we can begin negotiations for settlement or go into litigation. Usually, a claim takes a year, but may take more, or even less, depending on the seriousness of the injury. If you have been injured before, even recently, do not hesitate to call and pursue a new claim for injury.

How long is the process of working together?

Email or call today and we'll find out if we're a good match. If not, we'll do our due diligence to refer you to the right team who can make the biggest impact on your claim.

How do we begin working together?

1) Is readily available when you call
2) Will immediately connect you with excellent medical treatment
3) Will manage the bills through a settlement at the end of the case 
4) Is interested in helping you through the trauma of an accident and or serious injury 
5) Will manage dealing with insurance companies and even 
6) Can connect you with exceptional trial attorneys to who will advocate on your behalf 
7)  Will fight hard to win and secure justice for your claim 

Then, you may be in the right place. We only ask for cooperation along the way, the willingness to be honest, and arriving promptly to your medical appointments. If you are hurting, call now, so we can do our best for you in terms of medical treatment and compensation.

How do we know if we're a good fit? 


I can honestly tell you that Ms. McColl far exceeds what you expect from a lawyer. Not just the so proclaimed, “We are warriors! We will fight for you!” act. Ms. McColl is aggressively proactive. Her actions speak for itself. Her results speaks for itself. It’s not just her inclination to be the best for her clients, she does with compassion and care. She HONESTLY cares for her clients. Professionalism with a heart. You can tell that she is a person of Faith. Not by her in any way publicizing it, you can tell by her action. Thank you for all you do!

- Anthony Choi, DC

She honestly cares for her clients.

I highly recommend Helen McColl as an attorney. In fact, I have referred friends and family to her. Not only is Helen a highly skilled attorney, she is also a fierce advocate for her clients. Helen represented me after a car accident and made sure that I received the best care for my injuries, and fought for the settlement I deserved. Helen is professional, thorough and passionate about helping her clients.
- Maureen Copeland

She is a fierce advocate for her clients.

Morning coffee and reading the newspaper together, the cool fall breeze blowing through the window as you pour another cup. Black denim and leather boots, the deepest crimson flannel. Rose gold and velvet. Rich and lush. Chatting with locals while we sip our coffee and head out for the next adventure.

Red wine and dark twilight nights.

Sipping chartreuse and green tea while looking at the most perfect white subway tile and hand painted signs. Driving through the mountains to Portland reminiscing about the best memories back home. Cozy sweaters, vintage denim, and Pabst while telling one of a kind love stories. 

One of a kind romance.