Established in 2011, the Law Offices of Helen McColl were founded by none other than Helen McColl herself, go figure! Guided by an empathetic understanding of human nature, Helen’s attentiveness to her clients stems from a professional background in psychology. When circumstances in Helen’s life took an unexpected turn, her priorities shifted from psycho-analytics toward a steadfast pursuit of justice for those who need it most. This desire for justice empowers her to fight for her clients as if they were a best friend; committed, impassioned, and trustworthy. 

Conducting herself with a sense of heartfelt professionalism, Helen’s approach to practicing law is a blend of comforting warmth and aggressive proactiveness that has provided clients with the tools they need to get their lives back on track in the wake of an unfortunate incident.

For a truly compassionate attorney who will tailor each case to suit your unique circumstances, contact the Law Offices of Helen McColl to schedule your free consultation today.

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